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magpie face

Dr. Backflips Hoffman
14 January 1987
Russia is HERE!
a.p.a.t.t., acid reign, alan partridge, alcohol, alec empire, all day glow, anthrax, apatt, aphex twin, art rock, beastie boys, being awesome, big black, blue demon, bootsy collins, bottom, brasseye, brutal truth, brute forsyth, buckethead, bucketheadland, chinese democracy, chris morris, circle jerks, class a audio, cobrastrike, cocaine, cock off, colma, complex fretwork, cornbugs, corpses, d.r.i, danzig, dead kennedys, death cube k, defcon radio, deli creeps, demented are go!, detroit, dick valentine, disco metal, disco pop, disco rock, dj scotch egg, el stew, electric 6, electric six, europants, faith no more, flyers, frank lloyd bonaventure, fucknuts, getting funky, giant robot, gigs, glen danzig, glitter, golden tony, graffiti, guitars, halloween, har mar superstar, hardcore thrash, hats, head cheese, high voltage!, horror, i am mike, improper dancing, jam, jesus, johnny na$hinal, joy division, key-tars, kfc, kling klang, knowing me knowing you, kung fu, lawnmower deth, les savy fav, lightning bolt, london after midnight, lord mongo, masks, mc pitman, melt banana, misfits, monsters and robots, mr bungle, mr scruff, neon, nick cave, nine inch nails, noise, noisecore, noize, noizecore, oxes, penelope pistoff, pirates, powerful noise, praxis, psychobilly, punk, ren & stimpy, robin finck, robots, rock n roll indian, shellac, sick of it all, slaughter zone, slayer, snuff, soft cell, sonic noise, steve albini, stig, straight outta clapton, street punk, surferosa, surge joebot, synthesizers, tait nucleus, texas chainsaw massacre, the day today, the down and outs, the flaming lips, the go! team, the inadequates, the last chance, the misfits, the specials, the unhealthy, the wildbunch, the young ones, tigers, tv on the radio, weezer, wu tang clan, xlpsx, yeah yeah yeahs, yellow and black, zombina and the skeletones